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20th century boys, anime, aromantic, asexuality, ashita no ousama, asian history, avatar: the last airbender, awesome, awesome ladies, azula, baking, basara, big o, books, chinese, comics, cooking, cowboy bebop, creamy mami, discworld, fanfiction, fashion, florence and the machine, from eroica with love, genderqueer, genfic, gokusen, grammar, hello kitty, high heels, history, indian food, inio asano, jackets, janelle monae, japanese, katara, katekyo hitman reborn!, knitting, korra, ladies, laurence yep, legend of korra, lesbians, linguistics, lipstick, magical emi, magical girls, mai, mandarin chinese, manga, marina and the diamonds, music, nail polish, naoki urasawa, natsume yuujinchou, non-western history, orhan pamuk, osamu tezuka, pink, politics, princess tutu, ranma, reading, sailor moon, samurai champloo, sanctuary, satoshi kon, science history, sewing, shoes, shoujo kakumei utena, slash, sokka, st trinian's, theism, third wave feminism, tvtropes, ty lee, utena, vegetarian, violin, viz signature series, women being awesome, women you hate, writing, xxxholic, yaoi, yuri, zuko


once upon a time there lived a girl who was all alone.

I like to read, I like to write, I like being made to think. I like things with lots of buttons and dials and clicky things. I like social justice and clever plot execution and nail polish and lipstick. I'm asexual, queer, female-ish (except when I'm not), and glitter-tastic. I'm not sure there is a meaningful difference between fanfiction and original fiction. I like things that are pink, things that sparkle, things with unnecessary amounts of buckles. I like high-heeled shoes. I love music, I love photography, I love baking and cooking (most of the time), I love my violin. I hate cleaning, because once I start I don't feel like I can stop. I enjoy washing dishes, because it is something fast and meaningful with a tangible result. I write class notes with drawing pens, because I like the way they make my writing look. I find writing stories difficult, because it takes so much effort and I can never get them quite perfect.

There. I think that's an adequate description.


once upon a time there was me.
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